The Gifted And Talented Education (GATE) program is designed to provide unique education opportunities for high-achieving and underachieving students in California public elementary and secondary schools who have been identified as gifted and talented. Each student takes the exam in third grade which may or may not place them in this program. Unfortunately, California currently has zero funding for this program, so it is up to the teachers to provide the educational opportunities as they see fit for the GATE students in their classroom settings. In addition, through parent support and involvement each individual school may implement additional opportunities after school to enhance this program for their local school.

Click here for more information regarding the California GATE program.

Click for information on Oak Grove School District’s GATE program.


Thank you for attending the first GATE Parent meeting last night. Attached is a copy of the presentation we went over.

Please remember that our NEW  3-Year Program is a big goal for our school and it will take a lot of parent participation to make it happen. If each GATE parent volunteers for as  little as 30 minutes per month, we can achieve our goal.

This year will be a huge learning experience for everyone, so thank you in advance for your patience. We hope that our GATE program will grow to be the best in the district.

Keep your ideas coming and by all means, let us know what we can do better. Kind Regards, Jae Cecilio

G.A.T.E 2014-2015 Activities

Event Lead or Volunteer
Sept. 25 Intel Museum -fieldtrip
Oct. 23 Computer Lab – Intro to Google Docs*
Nov. 20 Electronic Hand Games**
Dec. 18 Insects, Spiders & Other Arthropods
Jan. 22 Mock Court House -fieldtrip
Feb. 26
Mar. 26 Satellite – GeoCache*
Apr. 23 Balloon Rocket Cars**
May 21 Stanford Cantor Art Museum -fieldtrip

*Low cost event.

**GATE Kit. (Like Chromatography, Quilling and Solar Cars!)

G.A.T.E 2013-2014 Activities

  • Learn How to Debate -
  • Book Club – Three Cups of Tea, The Young Readers Edition by: Greg Mortenson & David O Relin Thursday, January 16, 2014 – STE School Library
  • Solar Car Racing – Learn how Solar Energy is made and how our school, our country and the earth benefit from Solar Panels.  Build a Solar Race Car and compete against your classmates for prizes. Wednesday,  January 15 th , 2014 – STE School Library
  • Renaissance Art of Quilling – Come learn a simple paper art beyond origami that can easily be done at home. Sharpen your math skills as you calculate the materials needed for each project. Thursday, Feb. 13th 3:15-5pm STE School Library
  • Squid Dissection – Wed. Mar 5, 2014
  • To Catch a Thief – Chromatography Wed. April 16th s Panther Stars was stolen!  The Thief has left a ransom note, demanding the school to provide money and candy.  Be a Crime Scene Investigator for a day, and use Science to help solve the crime.  You will use a scientific method known as Chromatography to discover who stole the Panther Stars.
  • Cantor Art Center, Stanford Wed. May 28th – The Cantor Art Center houses a diverse collection of exhibitions in addition to the largest Rodin bronze collection outside of Paris
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