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Home and School Association

The Santa Teresa Home and School Association is a parent organization designed to function like a PTA without national guidelines, but rather with a Home and School Association Constitution. We promote the welfare of children and try to bring a closer relation between the home and school.

We conduct our Home and School meeting on the second Tuesday of each month, excluding December, June, July and August. We have a Parent Open Forum at the beginning of each meeting so parents can discuss any topic pertaining to Home and School issues. We also receive reports from various representatives and committees, such as D.A.C., fundraising, budget items and other various Home and School topics. The Principal and a teacher representative are in attendance. All parents and teachers are encouraged to attend.

Please refer to the Home and School link below to find an upcoming meeting Agenda and approved minutes from prior meetings.

School Site Council

In the 1970’s, the State of California passed a law that set up the School Improvement Program (SIP), which enabled schools to receive supplemental funding from the state. The new law also required that schools establish School Site Councils (SSC), made up of parents, teachers, and school staff, in order to receive and spend the extra funding provided by SIP. It is the role of the SSC to advise the principal and staff on the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the school improvement plan, and to allocate SIP funds from the state to support the goals of the school plan.

All school parents are encouraged to attend SSC meetings to gain a better understanding of the role of the SSC and the types of issues it deals with.

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