Brotherhood: Natalie Portman and Brothers

Published: 2021-09-22 06:15:07
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Brotherhood is deeper than any words can really explain, for it is a responsibility and a bond between people. Basically, it is a group of people coming together for a common purpose; however, these people share a stronger connection that few can understand. It is almost like a family, for each brother exhibits brother-like qualities, in the respect that they care for you and try to help you out. From my experience with my brother back home, brothers may not always agree with you and they might argue with you sometimes, but by the end of the day, they are still there for you.
It is that bond between you that separates you from a lot of other people, and it is up to a brother to uphold his end of the bond, for he has to make sure it is strong. He needs to be responsible and never let his brothers down. For example, in my past (although this may seem kind of sad on my part), my brother has broken my arm, hit me with a bat, thrown a brick at me, and chipped my tooth, but I remained loyal to him. Up to this day, he and I are closer than ever. And of course I was mad at the time, when that all happened, but I knew deep down inside there’s still a matter of love and respect from one another.
That is another thing about brotherhood: it cannot be walked away from because once you are a part of a brotherhood, you are brothers for life. Brothers are there for you when you are at your best and worst, standing by your side at all time. Although things may seem horrible at the time, brothers can really make you look past it and make you look at the bright side of things. Overall, brothers make up a brotherhood, and these brothers instill their values in you so you can be taught right and hopefully, become a better person for it.

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