Early Adulthood Observation

Published: 2021-09-07 02:30:21
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Early Adulthood Observation
He was in the Erickson’s intimacy vs. isolation stage. Areas of observation include physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development. Physical Development Q has reached maximum body growth and biological aging or senescence has begun. Biological aging is “genetically influenced declines in the functioning of organs and systems that are universal in all members of our species”. Q exercises daily but he admits that he doesn’t eat a healthy diet all the time. “Regular moderate to vigorous exercise predicts a healthier longer life”. Also, “when too much-saturated fat is consumed, some of it is converted to cholesterol, which accumulates as plaque on the arterial walls in atherosclerosis”. Q was stressing about getting into college, helping his mother with bills, and finding a job. This is psychological development, “chronic stress resulting from economic hardships is linked to hypertension, which contributes to the high incidence of heart disease in low-income groups, especially African-Americans”. Cognitive Development Q has not entered college yet but he knows that it is something he has to do in order to get a good-paying job. Study shows that “about 20 percent of recent high school graduates who do not continue their education are unemployed”.
Asked Q what he wanting to do with his life he said he wants to go to art school and become a graphic designer. The realistic period is a vocational development when young adults start to narrow their options first by exploring and then by crystallizing their focus on a single occupation. This also shows that he is an artistic person a personality type that affects vocational choice.

Social/Emotional Development
Q said that he was too young to settle with one woman. This is an example of Erickson’s theory of intimacy vs. isolation, intimacy being positive, and failing to find it leading to loneliness and self-absorption. Q was stress about getting into college because some of his close friends have already entered college. Due to “changing in society from one generation to another can affect life course, the social clock, age-graded expectations for major life events can have a psychological strain when behind in timing of life events”. Q has a close relationship with his brother, who is two years younger than him; he remembers having good times with him. This is also an example of Erickson’s theory of intimacy vs. isolation showing that “intimacy can also be satisfied through other relationships”.
In my observation, I realize that some low SES families do not lack the importance of education, but just don’t have the resource they need to achieve what needs to be done. Maybe this country needs to be more like Germany and give young adults the opportunity to get the skills they need to become successful adults. The day after my observation with Q, I took it upon myself to help him fill out an application for student aid. Hopefully, this will give him the push he needs to go to college and fulfill his life goals/dreams. With him being the oldest of five children it will be something positive for his younger siblings.

Berk, L. E. (2010). Development through the lifep, 5th ed. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

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