Effects of Plagiarism

Published: 2021-09-01 02:55:12
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Cause and Effect Effects Of Plagiarism
Plagiarism is the theft of credit for creating a document of information. It not only happens in schools but can also happen in the work area. Plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty and most schools and university’s explain the consequences it can result it. Plagiarizing has many effects that are not only in schools. Plagiarizing can result in jail time, fines, and expulsion from a school or universities. Plagiarizing an essay or paper can result in jail time.
Most cases with plagiarism are considered misdemeanors and can be punishable by fines. But, likewise you can serve up to a year in jail. Plagiarism is considered a felony under certain states and laws. There are many different forms of plagiarism If someone were to write a book using someone else’s material, ended up selling the material and making money depending on the amount of money earned the fine can be bigger and could result in more jail time. For example, if someone were to write a book that contained a different authors research, they could face a horrendous amount of fines and up to ten years in jail.

Along with jail time you can end up paying a substantial amount of money in fines for Plagiarism. A misdemeanor you can end up paying upwards from $100 to $50,000. A felony can face up to $250,000 depending on the material. If the material makes more than $2,500 in profit then it can be considered a felony. Fines with plagiarizing all depend on the material that’s written depending on the amount of money that is made from selling what was wrote or published. Plagiarism is a serious offense no one wants to pay the fines that are brought upon it.
I think the reason people plagiarize is because its easier and they are simply just to lazy to do the work themselves. I myself would not want the consequences that are brought upon plagiarism. Plagiarizing cannot only result in legal action but can result in expulsion from schools and universities. Schools take plagiarism as a serious academic dishonesty. Along with expulsion from school students who are guilty of plagiarism face a failing grade in the course of which they committed the offense. College students can face losing their degree depending on the discovery of the offense.
Expulsion from plagiarizing can ruin a student’s life and could have long-term effects on the student’s life. Students take the easy way out when they plagiarize and they get a good grade from it. In conclusion plagiarism can lead to jail time, fines and expulsion from schools or universities. Universities, schools and states take plagiarism seriously. Plagiarism has many effects that can follow you through your lifetime. Plagiarism is illegal and everyone should take the matter serious. If the work is hard instead of copying and pasting ask some around you for help.

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