Gun Control Outline

Published: 2021-09-10 21:55:10
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GUN CONTROL Thesis Statement – There is no doubt that this world would be a safer place without a license to carry, but we need to consider that guns are needed to hunt. Possible introduction - A lot of questions were raised about the effects of everyone being allowed to carry guns. The rise of crime and murder are certain areas to think about being most impacted by the state carrying side arms. We also need to ask ourselves, how often are guns used for protection?
Is the law helping citizens protect their family or is the law just making it easier to commit murder? I – Are guns being used for protection? Is there enough prescreening done before selling a gun? Are citizens comfortable enough using a gun? II - Are guns falling into the wrong hands due to this law? Gangs and guns Kids and guns III – Are citizens taking the proper measures to secure their weapons? Should everyone one in the household be required to take a class on gun safety?
Should all members of the household be required to learn how to shoot the gun? IV – How does gun control affect the hunters? Many hunters depend on their guns in order to feed their family? Hunting is a major source of income for many Possible conclusion – Although gun control is a very controversial subject, one thing is clear we need to seriously address this issue quickly. Until we get some kind of control over the purchase of weapons there are going to be many more senseless shootings.

We have to find a way to prevent our youth from staring down the barrel of a loaded gun or being in prison for being on the other end of that gun. References Dickinson, Amy. “Mother Against Guns” Time Magazine. Web Monday. May 15, 2000 Lott, John R. “Why People Fear Guns. ” Web 3 January, 2011 “Gun Control”. Guninformation. org 6 April 2002 Web 14 July 2011 Johnson, Rick “How to police the Police”. 16 March 2009 timemagazine. com Web “Firearms Bill Defeated” mayorsagainstillegalguns. org. federal. congress 14 July 2011

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