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Published: 2021-09-13 11:00:09
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Justin Michael CabanEnglish 10 Mrs. MeyerBook Report For my 1st quarter book report I read “Beyond Belief” which is written by Josh Hamilton. Hamilton is a Major league baseball player who now plays for the Texas Rangers and was named MVP two short season’s ago. Josh is a premier center fielder and the captain of his team, for the average person you may think Mr. Hamiliton lives the ordinary life of a sports star , the pretty women , fancy cars , huge house’s and the six figure pay checks.
Even though this may be true, living an everyday lifestyle was extremely difficult for Josh throughout his whole life , you would think someone who is so well respected and idolized by many fans throughout the world would try to live up to his expectations, but that was not the case for Josh , he was addicted to cocaine and struggled with many other addictions such as alcoholism and having anger issues with his loved ones. Josh wrote this book to express his feelings and give readers a point of view on how thing’s may not also be the same as it seems.
So next time you judge someone just by their appearance, financial situation or even idolizing someone just by the way they perform a certain thing, you might want to think that over. Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers who made last year’s all-star team and hit a record 28 home runs in one round of the Home Run Derby has a lot more than All Star memories to be thankful for. He is alive, reunited with his family and back in baseball, which only a few years ago seemed impossible since he was in the middle of dealing with a cocaine addiction.

Josh was drafted in 1999 by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays , as a young kid , Josh stunned all different kinds of people with his skill for the game of baseball , reaching nearly 80 mph on a pitching gun at age 12 meant he was destined to play in the MLB at one point or another. When Josh was drafted in 1999 he as well as others expected him to be an automatic first round pick , which he was but instead of going right to work with his new team , Josh was sidelined, not by his coach , but by his devastating addiction to cocaine. The MLB has a very strict drug policy and there players are constantly found =. are serve a suspension of 50 games.

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