Making a Job Offer

Published: 2021-09-10 11:50:09
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Making a Job Offer Klaudia Barsi ORG 522 – Managing Performance for Results Colorado State University - Global Campus Dr. Danielle J. Camacho April 20, 2013 1. Recommend whether Jane should receive a best shot, competitive or lowball offer? Why? Clean Car Care (3Cs) should make the best-shot offer to Jane. She is a high-quality finalist, and her current employer is a strong competitor regarding the benefits she receives. Jane is an excellent employee of her current employer.
She is also up for a promotion and soon receiving 2 weeks of vacation a year. Jane’s employer will most likely make a counteroffer, if Clean Car Care extends the offer to her as the manager. Therefore; Clean Car Care should make the best-shot offer to her with strong incentives that could make her leave her current employer. The best-shot offer also needed to compensate her for the job's requirement for working on the weekends. Clean Car Care needs to go present the best overall offer to be able to employ Jane.
Unfortunately, the low ball offer would be uncompetitive with Jane’s current employment situation. She is an excellent employee who is also up for promotion, making a competitive salary with benefits including health insurance with no co-pay. She is only willing to change jobs if the terms are right. Additionally, the competitive offer would still be unlikely to make Jane leave her current job and to accept the job offer from 3Cs. Especially, that she prefers not to work on the weekends and Clean Car Care requires her to work both Saturday and Sundays.

A competitive offer could potentially match Jane’s current employment terms in salary and benefits; however, she is likely to be promoted shortly; which would make 3Cs “competitive” job offer pretty much a lowball offer. 2. Recommend other inducements beyond salary, health insurance, vacation and hours schedule that might be addressed in the job offer and why. There are different inducements that could be offered to Jane and convince her to leave her current employer. I would recommend Clean Car Care to offer Jane a one-time hiring bonus and relocation assistance.
I would leave out offering the hot skill premiums. The one-time hiring bonus would be helpful for Jane and it would only be a one-time expense to Clean Car Care. In this scenario, Jane is willing to move and work for Clean Car Care if the terms are right. Since she is willing to move, the relocation assistance, such as paying for moving expenses and providing house hunting services should be included in her offer letter. This would help the transition from Jane’s existing work and home to her new work and home.
OFFER LETTER Clean Car Care (3Cs) Company April 20, 2013 Ms. Jane Roberts 2423 Fenton Parkway Tucson, AZ 87658 Dear Jane: On behalf of Clean Car Care (3Cs) company, I am pleased to offer you the position of manager at 3Cs’ Northside facility. You will directly report to Arlan Autospritz, President, Clean Car Care. This is an exempt position with an initial annual salary of $33,500, which equates to $1,288. 46 per bi-weekly pay period. Annual merit increases can be earned based on your job performance.
We have established Tuesday, June 4, 2013 as your first date of employment. Please report to our main office located at 4356 Northside Dr. , Tucson, AZ 23456 at 8:30 am. Your benefits go into effect as of your date of hire. Your benefits include, health insurance, flexible work schedule, and vacation time. Clean Car Care would be happy to assist you in the relocation process by providing $1,500 for house/apartment hunting and $5,000 for normal and reasonable moving expenses.
Additionally, we would like to provide you with $2,000 of signing bonus. This offer is contingent upon the successful completion of a background check; a drug screening test; signing this offer letter; and any attached documents and returning those signed documents to our Human Resources department. Again, Jane we look forward to your joining Clean Car Care (3Cs) Company and wish you a prosperous career here. Please indicate your acceptance of this offer below no later than April 22, 2013.
Please keep a copy of this offer for your personal records. If you have any questions regarding this offer, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Arlan Autospritz President Clean Car Care I accept the offer as stated above. I understand and acknowledge that this offer does not guarantee me employment for any period of time and that the employment relationship between Clean Car Care and me will be “at will”, which means that either the Company or I may terminate the relationship at any time.
However, we will request that you provide at least two weeks notice of your intent to terminate your employment with us. /// I also understand and acknowledge that the Company may change the terms and conditions of my employment at any time. Signature: ________________________________________________________________ Jane Roberts Date References Heneman, H. G. & Judge, T. A. (2012). Staffing organizations (7th ed. ). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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