Personality Development of Students Analysis

Published: 2021-09-11 16:00:08
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TOPIC-Personality development of students Personality Development is the combination of natural talent, personal interest, current opportunity, social environment, character, motivation and how the brain processes information. Each of us has a social personality, which is different from everyone else. Jongeward and Muriel James, in their much talked about book “Born to Win,” talked about how each individual has been born to be a winner.
However, in the course of development, from infancy to adulthood, negligence towards our own potentials took a toll on our progress, and as a result, we are no longer able to use our unique traits to their fullest. Today, education plays an important role for personality development preparing students to face challenges in day to day life has become an important goal of today’s education.
It is only through a programme of personality development that one can break the shackles of traditional closed-door approach to education. Intellectual development was supposed to be the only aim of education for many years. However, the connotation of education has become much larger. Now with the advent of constructivist approach emphasis is given to all-round development of student. The formal education helps intellectuals discover and develop their natural talent.

The main objective of today’s education is development of various abilities and good character along with intellectual growth of students but somewhere this objective is not being fully achieved when the students are endowed with an opportunity to become something mainly right after the college they lose it because of lack of personality development as society does not support the dexterous personality, now a days students they never think about the future.
They are only examination oriented moreover it’s a trend that has been started by the colleges itself that student with good scores are rewarded and other with talent and potential are looked down it is the duty of colleges to groom the students in order to make them compatible with the demands of today’s world by not just making them a part of marks race but also by realizing their potential and talent. Thomas Edison's short stay in the classroom was a disaster.
His mother pulled him out and gave him a workshop so he could develop his natural skills at his own pace, that’s the impact of education and training on the mind of a person and there are plethora of such examples. Through this research paper I will be dealing with the impact of personality development on students along with the role of colleges in acting as a catalyst for it. http://www. ncte-india. org/pub/other/kireet1/ch4. htm

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