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Published: 2021-09-10 02:05:08
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Shay Orial English 112 10am Professor Kate Belknap February 24, 2013 Cigarette Smoke Stinks Growing up many of my family members were smokers. I remember the horrible smell that stuck to their breath, clothes, and lingered around their house. It has been roughly eight years since I have smelled that nasty stench and I would like to continue to not smell these harmful fumes while here at Colorado Mesa University.
In 2006, Colorado’s Clean Indoor Air Act was passed, limiting smoking in numerous work and public places, including restaurants and bars. Millions are now free from the dangerous toxic tobacco smoke at work. However, many are still exposed to tobacco smoke where they live and learn like students at Colorado Mesa University. In the Colorado Mesa University Annual 2012 Clery Security/Fire Safety Report, it states that “the State of Colorado has a smoke free building policy and Colorado Mesa residence halls are also smoke free.
You cannot smoke within any residence hall or apartment…if you want to smoke you can only do so in designated areas outside the halls and/or apartments and more than forty feet away from the residence halls and apartments” (20). Although this keeps students that live on campus in the residence halls, or in apartments, safe from the harmful fumes inside their dorms there isn’t any rule that protects them when they are outside the campus. A solution to this problem would be to make Colorado Mesa University a completely smoke-free campus. That means smoking anywhere on campus is prohibited.

This protects the non-smokers from secondhand smoke. Amanda Talbert the author of the article The Effects of Secondhand Smoke says “non-smokers exposed to secondhand smoke increase their risk for lung cancer by 20 to 30 percent, and the heart disease risk increases by 25 to 30 percent. ” By making this school a smoke-free campus we are shielding thousands of people from numerous people. For those smokers who have to have their smoke break they would need to go off campus somewhere to smoke so that they are not contaminating the air of the students and staff on campus.
Another solution which is connected to my first is to only allow electronic cigarettes on campus but have the same regulations as cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is a substitute to smoked tobacco merchandises. Jack Stone the author of the article Electronic Cigarettes-No Smoke says “this is the best for those who have an urge to smoke regularly and also do not want to annoy the other people who are sitting near or close by or even passers-by. ” There is no nasty smell.
Stone explains “when a consumer inhales through the gadget, air flow is perceived by a feeler, which activates a heating part that vaporizes a nicotine solution amassed in the mouthpiece... the consumer must press a switch to turn on the heating part to generate vapor which is then breathed in by the consumer. ” In Stone’s article Electronic Cigarettes Vs. Tobacco he says “the only things you are forfeiting are the toxics and tar, and you will be saving a lot of funds too. ” A starting kit costs start from thirty dollars up to sixty dollars depending on which pack you want.
Stone says “nearly all electronic cigarettes are reusable devices with disposable and refillable elements. ” The refills start at fifty cents and go up to a dollar in price. Also because you are only inhaling nicotine it eliminates a lot of health risks that are present with regular cigarettes. I understand that a habit is hard to break. My grandma was a smoker for twenty five years before she quit eight years ago. However, if she was still smoking today I would recommend that she switch to electronic cigarettes. It is less harmful because there isn’t tar just nicotine and cleaner for the air.
There is no awful smell that sticks to your clothes and your body nor secondhand smoke. Electronic cigarettes benefit the smokers and non-smokers. Technology has taken over our lives in many aspects, now it’s changing the way people smoke and not affecting the people who don’t. Work Cited Talbert, Amanda. "The Effects of Secondhand Smoke. " ehow. N. p.. Web. 24 Feb 2013. . Stone, Jack. "Electronic Cigarettes-no smoke. " Electronic Cigarettes Web. N. p. , 22 Nov 2010. Web. 24 Feb 2013.

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